In our conversation with Dr. Eben Alexander, we talk about his detailed story of his own Near Death Experience (NDE). Among other things, his NDE opened a specific understanding about his adoption and his biological family. A neurosurgeon by profession, Dr. Alexander wrote about his NDE in a New York Times bestseller The Proof of Heaven, compelling readers to embrace a new understanding of death. He went on then to expand his account of NDEs in Living in a Mindful Universe. Because Dr. Alexander’s brain scans and medical data were well validated, he was able to establish, beyond a doubt, that his consciousness was not dependent on his brain. Dr. Alexander speaks from his individual experience in a passionate and clear way, but he also speaks as a scientist who has tested the hypothesis of consciousness after death.

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Near-Death Experiences Now

Eben Alexander, MD

After decades as a physician and teacher at Harvard Medical School and elsewhere, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander thought he knew how the brain, mind and consciousness worked. That is, until he experienced a transcendental journey during a 7-day coma in 2008 due to severe bacterial meningitis that should have killed him. What he learned turned his worldview upside down and he now realizes we are conscious in spite of our brain. Author of Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven, his latest book, Living in a Mindful Universe, co-authored with Karen Newell, demonstrates how science and spirituality are converging based on his collaborations with other scientists in the study of the nature of consciousness.

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